Arts and Entertainment


Fine Arts – Sculpting, Painting

Popular Arts – Cinema, Theatre

Other Arts – Architecture, Books

We are all surrounded by arts without actually realizing it. Every day we listen to music, see some architecture and some of us maybe read some book.

We met culture as babies, when our mother singed lullabies to us. That was probably our first contact with art, music. When we attend primary school, many of us took music lessons and practice playing an instrument such as piano, guitar or some wind instrument. As we grow up, we become teenagers and our taste of music changes little bit. We start listen to pop or rock music and some of us want to have a band play for large audience. For most of us this dream doesn’t become true.

In secondary school we meet books in literature lessons. Some people immediately fall in love with books and become bookworms, that’s not my case. Here at secondary school, we also meet fine art, which is painting and sculpting. If you are gifted you probably find out that this is what you want to do either for living or as a hobby.

Another part of cultural live is theater. Visitors of theater can choose from many kinds of performances such as drama, comedy, opera, musical or for the youngest fairy tales. Going to the theater is social event and we should wear formal clothes. More casual and very popular among young people is going to cinema. They offers variety of genres – comedies, dramas, thrillers, horrors and so on. Unlike the cinema you are allowed to wear casual cloth and even buy some snack and eat during watching.

However, not all people enjoy a rich cultural life. It depends on your taste and interests but also on where you live. In big town you have good choice as there are lot of cultural events and facilities, cinemas, theatres, galleries and museums. Even your town can host some festivals classical music such as Prague Spring Festival or Edinburgh Festival of Music and the Arts. Where many symphonic orchestras with famous conductors shows their art.

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