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The Canadian Parliament is composed of the Queen (who is represented by Governor General), the Senate (also called Upper House) and the House of Commons. · The Senate has 104 members and has the same powers as the House of Commons

The House of Commons has 295 members elected for the term of 5 years, and is the major law making body. Following legislative elections, the leader of the majority party in the House of Commons is automatically designated by the governor general to become prime minister
· The Cabinet is the real executive authority, under the direction of Prime Minister (and all together are advisors of the monarch)
· The Parliament has the central and federal responsibilities (including trade, defense, banking systems and criminal law). The regional or provincial legislatures are responsible for education, civil rights, social security, hospital system


· It belongs to the G-7 countries (the Group of seven leading industrialized countries consisting of Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Great Britain and USA).
· Has rich sources of raw materials: first place in the world in the mining of uranium, zinc; sulphur and paper for newspaper
· One of the leading countries in agriculture
· 2/3 of the Canadian work force is employed in services industries
· Over the years 1970-1990 Canada has had the fastest rate of job creation in the G-7 economies. Inflation is at less than 2 percent
· Is also a member of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

System of Education

Public education is free up to and including secondary school

The school attendance is compulsory from age 6-7 till 15-16 years
· Canada spends 8 percent of its GDP on education (which is among the highest)
· School boards hire teachers, set local budget and shape school curriculums
· In some provinces can children enter kindergarten at the age of four
· High school programs consist of two streams- one prepares students for university, the other for post-secondary education at a community collages
· There are separate as well as private schools

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