Current issues

World as we know it always had problems and issues in the past. Today problems differs a bit from the past situations.

One of the problems nowadays is poverty. The reason why poverty exist is that producers of goods are not paid enough for what they make and this items are sold as luxury items in other countries for many times higher price. This bring the market out of balance and cause poverty in such countries. There is organization called fair trade which is trying to stop this by buying goods at proper price but it’s hard to change things when u are a needle is a haystack.

Next issue is disease. Mankind always suffered from diseases. Today majority of people who suffers from serious diseases is in developing countries where is hard to get a proper treatment. The Ebola, HIV and drug-resistant tuberculosis are the most problematic diseases nowadays. I think this problem will become even more serious even in our region since medicaments are starting to be much less powerful against such diseases.

The third and in my opinion the most illogical issue is war. One day I hope mankind everywhere on the world will gain wisdom and stop wars once and for all. I just don’t understand why we didn’t learn from past and why war is still a thing. There is so much pain and violence in the world and some places where it looks like in hell and I am glad that I live in this region which is somehow calm place.


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