Future plans, work and employment

Working with computers was always fun for me and I feel I can understand it so that was the main reason why I register for CVUT in my homeland Czech Republic in field Informatics. I certainly wasn’t influenced by anybody to study. Actually I am the only one in my family who can understand computers. For this field English is essential language so it is good to study it abroad but I want to stay in my homeland and maybe after few years of studying try the exchange visit.

At university I would love to get a part-time job to earn some extra money and experience which can be advantage for getting a permanent job in the future.

My thoughts about gap year are that it is good for people which want to study an art school since their future studying can benefit from the experience earned around the world and they will actually study what they saw abroad. But for technically oriented people like me it could be disadvantage as they need to learn lot of math in the future and traveling abroad for a year definitely can’t help us. It could lead to lack of interest in studying and becoming very lazy.

How to find a job? – you have to find your job somewhere( internet, newspapers, friend told you…) or you are registered at labour office then you have to write an application letter and have a interview – the interview is the most important step you have to look self-confident and give your employee the best first impression by being well clothed and arrive on time.

Freelance work pros and cons


  • you are your own boss
  • you sped our time exactly how you want
  • you can choose which work you want to do
  • you have lots of perspectives since you work for many different companies
  • your workplace meets your needs


  • You have no guaranteed income and no additional financial benefits
  • You could feel alone
  • it can fill your freetime and it can interfere with your homelife

Working in team pros and cons


  • common goal is good for team morale
  • pooling diverse skills is generally more productive
  • team cooperation brings u joy


  • someone who doesn’t fit in the team can disrupt team and decrease team morale
  • some individual skills can be supressed by team

Problems connected with work: almost every problem is connected with money due to this age where people judge other peoples for how money they make instead of how good are they in their jobs. I will give you some common problems: you work in company for a long time and you don’t get promotion; or your salary is not enough for your family budget. If your job is time demanding you won’t have enough free time for your hobbies and family and you could become workaholic, and in my opinion the most depressing is that you don’t like your job this is my nightmare all the time. For me it is necessary to enjoy what I do for a living.

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