Health and fitness

Being healthy is the most valuable thing we have. In order to stay healthy, it´s advisable to have a healthy life style. Never getting angry, doing something active in the fresh air on a regular basis, doing sports at least once a week and walking. It also involves a healthy diet, which is choosing what to eat and what to avoid, drinking little alcohol, not smoking, consuming lean meat, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, cutting down of sweets, fatty meat.

There are numerous ways to keep fit. Everyone will find that they need something special. Those who work in an office are advised to spend their free time doing sports. By contrast, those who move a lot when in work prefer yoga as a physical exercise. Other possibilities how to keep fit include ball games, aerobics or fitness centres. All of these activities have their pros and contras, but they have one thing in common: you stretch your body and this makes you feel relaxed.

Appointments at the doctor´s are either regular (check-ups) or when there is something wrong. Vaccination is extremely important, too. Parents are bound by law to have their children vaccinated as some diseases may be dangerous for them. When going to see our doctor we have found certain symptoms of a disease. These are, for instance, feeling unwell, elevated or high temperature, headache, sickness, cough, cold, sore throat, swollen nodules etc. In this case people go and see their GP (general practitioner) whom they can choose.

There are often a lot of people in the waiting room so it´s necessary to wait for some time. When the diagnosis cannot be given directly, laboratory examination id made, and this may include a blood or urine test or both. Based on the results the GP will decide whether it´s possible to treat the medical problem or whether to refer the patient to a specialist.

The medicine prescribed is available from the pharmacy. There is also medicine available without prescription but these are normally much more expensive that they would cost when prescribed. Medicine comes in different forms such as tablets, pills, capsules or liquid medicine.

There are lots of deadly diseases like cancer or AIDS. To any of these diseases is not yet a cure and each year many people die because of them.

Typical disease for children is chicken pox when the child´s body is covered by itchy pimples.


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