Hobbies and leisure time

Leisure time is basically our free time after school or work. And of course we want to fill the time with activities that we like or enjoy, those activities are called hobbies.

Hobbies can be everything that you enjoy. It depend on what person you are and what can entertain you.

Many young people like to go to the pub, bar, club (basically go party) or watch TV, play computer games. But there is also a numerous youngsters that like to do just the opposite. For example go to the theatre, play some musical instruments, read books and draw pictures.

I can’t forget sports! I think sport are the most important hobbies since it is much better for your heath that staying home and watching TV and in most cases sports are played in two or more persons which means you can easily socialize.

The problem of leisure time is that you have to have the free time or good physical health in order to pursue your hobbies. Youngsters have problem with the first thing whereas older people with the second thing.

The awesome thing about hobbies is that you can practise them and improve your skills in it. I think even the hobby which can look as the simplest thing on the world can be mastered. For example if you look on how some Japanese serve tea, how they pay attention on every small detail about it to be perfect you have to agree with me.

What hobbies do I like the most? Definitely sports. I like it because I am not closed inside of some building, I am breathing fresh air and it help me completely forget what was bothering me. Also I like to play computer games with friends in team. This help me relax and use my brain for certainly different things than usually.

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