London (3)

the capital city of England and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
it lies on the river Thames in south England. London in one of the greatest and most important city in the world. It’s the seat of the Monarch, the Parliament, the Government, and the Supreme Court. It consist of 32 boroughs (City, Westminster, Greenwich, Islington and et cetera)
-7 million people (12 mil. in its conurbation)

-many foreigners, mostly from former colonies – India, Pakistan, people from European Union or Africa

-London was established by Romans as Londinium
-in the Middle Ages London became a capital city of England as seat of English kings
-1665 – more than 75,000 people died from a plague epidemic
-1666 – the Great Fire of London many buildings were destroyed

-in 19th century London was centre and capital city of British Empire, the greatest empire which has every existed

-in 2ndWW London was seriously damaged by Luftwaffe

-in 2005 terroristic attack in London Underground
-today London is world financial centre with NY and Tokyo and it has important function



4 airports- Heathrow(one of the biggest in the world),Gatwick, London City Airport, Stansted

London Underground – first in the world

Double-deckers and black taxi cars – symbols of London


Olympic games three times (1908,1948,2012)

Football and Premier league – Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Westham, Fulham, Crystal Palace, Miilwall

FIFA World Cup 1966, EURO 1996 – Wembley

Rugby world cup in 2015

Wimbledon – one of the four grandslams

Places of interest
Tower of London established by William the Conqueror, castle in London, it was used place for execution – Anna Boleyn, Catherine Howard, as prision and nowadays – place for British Crown Jawless

Buckingham Palace – the seat of kings and queens
Palace of Westminster  the Houses of Parliament – seat of British Parliament; after, neo-gothic style
Big Ben (the bell named after his author) – 97.5 metres high, tower
Trafalgar Square – largest in London; commemorates Admiral
Nelson’s victory over Spanish fleet at Spanish Cape Trafalgar in
1805; in the middle – Nelson’s Column (50 m)