Sport and games



Basically things that we can do on our own and we don’t need anyone else. Such as running, swimming, climbing etc.


Connected with playfield or pitch, usually need two or more people. Football, A. Football, Frisbee, Voleyball etc.

Indoor x Outdoor

Basketball, Floorball, Voleyball etc.

Football, Frisbee, Softball etc.

Some sports can be played in and outside as well.

Summer x Winter

There are typical sports like skiing, swimming, skating etc.


Sport and games are way how to socialize, relax, kept yourself fit by both sides physically and also mentally.

Czech popular sports

Football, ice hokey, skiing, tennis… Most of Czech people try to do some sport.

UK popular sports 

Football, rugby, cricket, horse polo

USA popular sports

Basketball, baseball, ice hokey, American football

Professional level

Every sport has its professional level, some of them are well paid, some of them not so well. Of course the best are the popular ones. I don’t know if it’s good or not, it changes a lot and players sometimes forget that sport is here in order to entertain us. Best games are those when you play with friends and have fun.

…my personal experience with Frisbee ultimate…

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