Australia (3)

* One of the most diverse (rozmanitý) country in the World * Lies in the southeast hemosphere * Australia has enormous (obrovský) mountains in the southeast – Australian Alp –place where you can skiing – with the highest place in Australia –  2 228 meters Mount Kosciuszko * Two biggest cities on the southeast coast[…]

Australia (2)

Australia is a state, which is surrounded by the Indian and  Pacific Ocean. It covers whole are of the smallest continent Australia. Australia is located in south-west from Asia. The capital city is Canberra. Explored by James Cook. Peninsula colony in history. Surface and Climate The biggest island Tasmania island. The highest peak is Kosciusko[…]

Canada & Australia

CANADA   Name some basic facts about Canada. Speak about the following: population, capital city, major cities, provinces and territories, size, climate, official languages, natural resources, economy Provide some details about the history of Canada. Who are Canada´s native people? Which countries first had settlements in Canada? What is the origin of the name ´Canada´?[…]