American and British holidays

UK Christmas – Christmas in the UK and in the USA have something common, but not all things. I will speak about British Christmas. British holidays are connected with Father Christmas (Guy who looks like Santa Claus), children hang Christmas socks on fireplace and they suppose some gifts from Father Christmas. 25th December – Christmas[…]

New Zealand

New Zealand It is small county in southern Pacific. The capital city is Wellington. It was explored by James Cook and NZ was British colony Surface and Climate NZ consists of two island – North Island and South Island. The surface of North Island varies by lowlands or by highlands. South Island is dominated by[…]

Current issues

World as we know it always had problems and issues in the past. Today problems differs a bit from the past situations. One of the problems nowadays is poverty. The reason why poverty exist is that producers of goods are not paid enough for what they make and this items are sold as luxury items[…]

Nature and environment

The Earth consist of spheres – Atmosphere contain all the gases, hydrosphere contain all the water, lithosphere contain all the rocks and soil and biosphere contain all the living. These spheres are in balance and if one of them gets out of balance it could cause environmental issues. Main problems are global warming, ozone holes,[…]

Hobbies and leisure time

Leisure time is basically our free time after school or work. And of course we want to fill the time with activities that we like or enjoy, those activities are called hobbies. Hobbies can be everything that you enjoy. It depend on what person you are and what can entertain you. Many young people like[…]

Health and fitness

Being healthy is the most valuable thing we have. In order to stay healthy, it´s advisable to have a healthy life style. Never getting angry, doing something active in the fresh air on a regular basis, doing sports at least once a week and walking. It also involves a healthy diet, which is choosing what[…]


These days people travel much more than they did in the past. There are new means of transport, cars and planes have become faster and tickets are cheaper so more and more people can afford to travel to faraway places.  Travel has never been easier than today. If you have enough time and money you[…]

Sport and games

Division Sports Basically things that we can do on our own and we don’t need anyone else. Such as running, swimming, climbing etc. Games Connected with playfield or pitch, usually need two or more people. Football, A. Football, Frisbee, Voleyball etc. Indoor x Outdoor Basketball, Floorball, Voleyball etc. Football, Frisbee, Softball etc. Some sports can[…]

Food and restaurants

The first meal of the day is breakfast. Some people recommend a substantial breakfast, others prefer a light, healthy one, one that is easily digestible. A typical breakfast menu includes bread, rolls or croissants, butter, ham, salami, cheese, marmelade and honey. Another alternative is to have scrambled eggs, omelettes or pudding. Those who prefer a[…]

Holidays, traditions, festivals in the UK and CR

Introduction: Many festivals are connected with religions or pagan traditions. The English word  “Holiday” actually comes from the two words “holy” and “day”. As Holidays started because they were religious days. Nowadays the word is used differently. People use the word “holiday” to refer to any free day, when people do not have to go[…]