These days people travel much more than they did in the past. There are new means of transport, cars and planes have become faster and tickets are cheaper so more and more people can afford to travel to faraway places.  Travel has never been easier than today. If you have enough time and money you can get almost everywhere.

When travelling you come across various people, learn about their culture and habits, maybe learn foreign language, taste foreign cuisine and compare life in those countries with that in your own country. Most people like visiting sightseeing like castles, palaces, ruins of castles, churches etc. which is another reason for travelling. Getting-to-know other countries undoubtedly broadens horizons.

There are many ways of travelling. The most primitive one and maybe the most cheapest is travel on foot. Longer walk in the surroundings or a trip can be called travelling. For shorter distances the bike is a good means of transport as it´s relatively quick, economical and environment-friendly. You can travel by motorbike which is convenient only in the summer. People travel by car, bus or train, plane or boat. Water-lovers can choose from a yacht, rowing boat, liner or a ferry.

In cities, transport is provided by diffrent means such as buses, trolleybuses, trams, taxis and even underground or city trains. Travelling by bus can sometimes be rather uncomfortable but it has constantly been improving.

The car is by far the most popular means of transport. Travelling by car is fast and comfortable, and we get to our destination without waiting for hours. There are number of new roads, motorways and bridges. As roads have improved, the number of cars has also risen, and this has let to more road accidents. Roads are often crowded with cars and lorries and bikers. Every person involved in transport must observe special rules called the Highway Code.

On oceans and seas, there are various oceans liners, luxurious steamers and tankers transporting oil, corn and other goods. Going on a voyage can be a great adventure. Ports are often used by smaller fishing boats but also by huge freight ships, and goods are loaded into or out of them.

Hitchhiking is a very special way of travelling. It´s mainly used by the young who do not need so much comfort, do not have so much money and are not afraid of taking risks. They are seen on motorways thumbing a lift or waiting at laybys for drivers who are willing to give them a lift.
As for me I like travelling by …..

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