Washington DC (District of Columbia) is a capital city of the USA, Washington is situated on the Potomac river  and Surrounded by two states Virginia and Maryland, so it lies on East Coast. It is home of the federal government and the residence of the president. The capital is located in a special district called „The District of Columbia“ which is not a state because it is the seat of the federal government.

named after the first president, George Washington.
founded in 1790, became a capital city in 1800, because the seat of Congress
before W. the capital city was Philla
federal buildings occupy 40 per cent of the city
design of W. made by Pierre L’Enfant – inspirited by ancient Rome and Versailles
623,000 inhabitants
more than 50% are African-Americans, so high criminality,
a lots of them work for federal government

The White House
-seat of President
-white colour
-situated on Pennsylvania Avenue

 is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defence
-hit by plane in 11.9.2001
-the biggest building in the world

 the Capitol
-on Capitol Hill
-the seat of Congress, which is parliament of USA,
-near the Capitol is Library of Congress-USA national library

Arlington national cemetery
-200,000 graves of soldiers, policemen and politics (JFK)
-the soldiers who were killed or who were participed in some war conflicts
-white marble

National mal
park where are Washington monument(white marble obelisk), Lincoln memorial (building with statue of Abraham Lincoln), Martin Luther King memorial, Vietnam veterans memorial
(black wall with 58,000 names of soldiers who were killed or who were missing in Vietnam war)

There is the National Space and Air museum, the museum of African Art, the national Gallery of Art, and many others.

Sport clubs NHL-Washington Capital(JAGR,Ovečkin),NFL-Washington Red skins, NBA-Washington wizzards(Jan Veselý), Washington subway, state Washington on West coast (Seattle)