Young generation fashion and images


are easily influenced by any tiny change around them. They have the ability to move the world because they are interested and tend to new technologies and have touch with the modernizing world.

We can divide these peoples by age into 2 main groups: 13-19, 20-30

The teenagers, they attend to school, live with their parents and they aren’t adults nor children. It’s quite simple to influence them. They want to find their place in society therefore they stop obeying their parents and instead of that they listen to each other much more often. This stage of life is called puberty and it’s a difficult period it human life. Also they try to experiment with the way they look and how they behave… it is called image …by doing it they try to fit in the society and find their place in life. Often they join groups of teenagers that have similar image. For such group it typical to wear similar cloths which depends on its style (piercings, extraordinaire hear cuts). They want to belong somewhere and have friends whose are very important for them. Teenagers have often problems at home since they behave rebellious. They argue with parent as they are too strict to them and they feel like their parents can’t understand them. They don’t recognize authority much ant try to be authority by them. Since they are very sensitive they can fall in so kind of psychical problem and compensate it by violence drugs or alcohol. That’s why parent should be careful about their kids in this age and they should show them their trust in them and try to understand them.

The second group is a bit different. This people are more responsible for their actions and they are much more mature. They managed to graduate from high school and often went to university and start going to some work. They have lots of choices what to do they can study, travel, find their job. But it’s not that easy as it used to be. Life starts challenging them. Often it is a money problem which is connected in many other issues they can run into. But there could be also argument with older generations which see youngsters as naive, inexperienced etc.

Youth is part of life which is as full of fun as full worries but everybody have to go through this period of life.


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