New York

NY is the biggest city in the USA. It lies on East coast, in state New York. It has more than 8 milion inhabitants. But every day you can meet many and many tourists from hole world or people, who work in NY and for example they live behind the river in NJ. So in NY there are more people.

connect by bridges, tunnels (Brooklyn or Manhattan bridge) and ferries

  • Manhattan
    -centr of NY
  • Bronx
    -a lot of Afro-Americans
    – high criminality
    -born place of hip-hop
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
    -JFK Airport
  • Staten Island

World financial centre  → New York stock exchange on Wall street
the headquarters of UN in Down Manhattan
Columbia University or State University of NY
Theatres on Broadway
(Antonín Dvořák-New world symphony)
Sports  → in NFL NY Giants and Jets, New York Marathon, US Open, NY Mets and famous Yankees in Baseball, NY Knicks in NBA, NY Islanders and NY Rangers in NHL, Rangers and Knicks have home in Madison square garden – famous arena for sports and music events.
Multicultural city  → immigrants from Ireland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czechoslovakia, China, Afrika, Russia, Jews  → they have their own communities and streets in city (Little Italy, China town…)

-before 1609 the home of Indian tribes
-explored by Henry Hudson
-before 1664 NY called New Amsterdam → British took the town in 1664 and changed name to NY
-some battles in American war of independent
-first station in New World for immigrants from hole world (Ellis island) → multicultural city
-terrorist attack in 11.9.2001

Central park=biggest city park in the USA, in Manhattan, place for picnics, recreation and sports for people of NY
Times square=crossroad of Broadway street and 7th avenue, a lots of commercials on light boards, new years eve party
One world trade centre=the highest skyscraper in NY, after destruction of World trade centre