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is the 2nd largest country after Russia, it lies in the north of North America and it spreads between 2 oceans  Pacific and Atlantic. In the north is Arctic Ocean. It borders only with the USA. The capital city is Ottawa. Surface and climate Climate is mild, but only in the south, in the north[…]

Canada & Australia

CANADA   Name some basic facts about Canada. Speak about the following: population, capital city, major cities, provinces and territories, size, climate, official languages, natural resources, economy Provide some details about the history of Canada. Who are Canada´s native people? Which countries first had settlements in Canada? What is the origin of the name ´Canada´?[…]


Intro Member of the British Commonwealth Second largest country by total area Gained independency in 1867 – British North America Act Federal parliamentary democracy,  constitutional monarchy, federation of 10 provinces and 3 territories French colony in New France, formed at Saint Lawrence River Location Total area 9,9 milion km2 Surrounded by: Arctic Ocean (north), Atlantic[…]

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The Canadian Parliament is composed of the Queen (who is represented by Governor General), the Senate (also called Upper House) and the House of Commons. · The Senate has 104 members and has the same powers as the House of Commons The House of Commons has 295 members elected for the term of 5 years,[…]