The Global Problems of 21st Century


-in my opinion world problem no.1

-beginnings in 20th century and attacks of Islamic terrorist on Israel-Munich(Můnik) 1972, hijackings or attacks on Embassies (mostly on US embassies), Chechen terrorists, communist terrorist in Germany

-but after attacks in 11.9.2001 → War on Terror has lasted for 13 years and it hasn’t been over yet

-NATO units were in Iraq and since 2001 have been in Afghanistan

-also conflicts in Pakistan, Chechnya, Nigeria, north Africa, Kenya, Middle East, but most serious is situation in Iraq and in Syria → Islamic state, jihadists  from Europe

-terrorist attack all over the world after 11.9.2001 – London 2005, Madrid, Paris, Moscow, Kenya, Nairobi, Beslam,

-we don’t know how to solve it connecting with emigrants

Conflict West and Russia

after 1991 everything looked good, but there has been new conflict since last year → annexing of Crimea and war in east Ukraine

“new cold war“ but NATO is more in east (our republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovakia, Baltic states, Rumania – members of NATO  →

  • cancelling of programmes
  • the war games
  • provocations with planes and U-Boots

Environmental problems

  • really big problem are deforestation (Africa, Asia and mostly south America with Amazonia) and marine pollution → we must solve it and stop it
  • but I don’t Agree with eco terrorist or fools which speak about global warming X I think that it’s normal and natural change of our climate and it has not connecting with people
  • resource depletion = oil, gas and coal X the future is in Atom energy