Trade and shopping

Shopping is an activity that is important for our lives. Most people have to spend part of their day doing shopping food or other essential items. Some people enjoy it; others hate it and find it very unpleasant. According to our preferences we go shopping to:

DEPARTMENT STORES: It is a big building with a wide range of goods, mostly vegetable, bread and other food, flowers, clothes, toys, and household items.
SHOPPING MALLS: is a one big building with lots of shops inside. Shopping mall is Forum or Letňany. There are also restaurants, cinemas, cafes, everythink under the one roof. Big disadvantage are crowds of people.

SELF-SERVICE SHOP: are small shops usually situated in the countryside with small range of goods.

MARKETS: Markets are popular because of their special atmosphere – they are noisy, overcrowded but people can walk from stall to stall, they can touch and taste products and talk to the salesmen. They can try to bargain and get a reduced price. Goods are sold from people who made or harvested it, so it is always fresh and good-quality.

ONLINE SHOPPING: For people who don´t like meeting other people or who don´t have much time do their shopping online. They choose a product according to a picture and description, click and wait until it is brought to their house. It is very common to buy electronics this way, some people buy clothes and shoes, today it is even possible to buy food.

WINDOW SHOPPING: It means that you go from one shop to other, look through items, maybe comment it.You don´t buy anything, just look. It is popular among girls.

-how shops influences us: advertisement, sales, special offers

-me and shopping

Thanks to traiding you can also buy goods from other countries. The reasons for traiding are

  1. Some products can be only produced in one particular place (Skotch, French champaigne)
  2. Some products are cheaper to produce in some countries than others because of various factors – climate, natural resources. (bananas)
  3. Some foreign firms can produce higher quality products at more competitive prices