Clothes and fashion

Clothes and fashion
Fashion has developed throughout the centuries, fashion trends keep changing. What was in yesterday is almost unacceptable today. But the fashions of today are quite tolerant, do not prevent anyone from wearing anything. Everyone may wear what they like and what they feel suits them. Fashion often reverts to older styles. What is out of fashion may look romantic a few decades later.
Fashion industry is very profitable business today. Famous brand means high price. We have many famous designers (Dior, Louis Vuiton, G.Armani) and many famous brands too (Adidas, Nike, Salamander, Prada).

Some people find it very important to wear expensive brands of clothes. But what may be even more important it that everyone should find his/her own style. In other words, you should know what looks good on you, which colour and cut goes with your figure, what colours and parts of clothes can be combined.

The word fashion does not involve clothes only, but also hairstyle, make-up and accessories. These include shoes, handbags, gloves, belts, scarves, head scarves, hats, caps, jewellery (rings, pendants, bracelets), sunglasses or umbrellas.

Our clothes can be made of various materials. Many things are made from cotton. Some sweaters may be made from wool which comes from sheep. Some jackets, belts and shoes are made from leather which comes from cows. Polyester, a man-made fabric is also used a lot in making clothing. Silk, which is very soft material, is popular for pyjamas, robes and underwear.

In winter people wear suits, trousers, jeans, shoes, boots and socks. If they go skiing, they may wear something under pants called long underwear. Also important on winter are scarves, hats and gloves or mittens (palčáky). Next part of winter clothing is jacket or coat. In summer we wear less clothing. We wear various T-shirt, shirt with short sleeves and if we go to the beach, we wear our swimming suit and sandals.

Each of us has to know what to wear on various occasions. In general, it is advisable to wear something comfortable and absorbent which are easy to maintain – easy to wash and iron. When going to school, something simple is recommendable – skirts and pullovers, jeans and blouses, T-shirt or skirts. When going to work, people may wear uniforms. Women working in an office wear a coat and skirt with blouse, whereas men often wear a suit including a shirt and a tie. For sports we usually need a special outfit depending on the type of sport.
If I go to the theatre, a ball or other special occasion, I need to wear elegant clothes.