Political system of the USA and the UK

Political system of the USA and the UK


The UK is a state in Europe, which is member of UN,EU and NATO.


  • unwritten →common law
  • based on statuses, documents(Magna Charta), case law, customs, conventions
  • two main principles – the rule of law

Monarch-Elisabeth II., Prince of Wales is her son Charles

  • formal head of the country and Commonwealth (organization, which associate former colonies)
  • Commander-in-chief of the armed forces
  • Governor of the Church of England
  • she leads an important ceremonial events, meetings with Prime Minister, with foreign leaders, appoints ambassadors, opens the sessions of Parliament

Executive power

  • is represented by The Cabinet(UK government), the head of Cabinet is Prime minister(Dave Cameron-Conservative party), who is leader of the winning party in general election
  • formed from Ministers who are appointed by Sovereign(sovryn) on recommendation of prime minister
  • The shadow cabinet

Legislative power

  • consists of The House of Commons and The House of Lords
  • The House of Commons
    -green benches
    -The Speaker – leads session(sešn)
    -front benches the main figures of the Chember
    -the main function is legislate
  • The House of Lords
    -Lord Chancellor – presiding the House
    -Lords Spiritual – representing the Church of England (2 archbishops, 24 bishops)
    -Lords Temporal – Hereditary(eredydčry) peers(píírs and Life peers
    -number is not fixed, in 2012 – 775 members

Judiciary power-The Court of Justice

Political parties

  • two biggest are Conservatives and Labours
  • Conservative party is on the right, Labour Party on the left



  • the presidential federal republic, the member of UN or NATO
  • system of checks and balances


  • the main important are Constitution of the United States of America-main document (ratified in 21st July 1788) and Federal laws
  • every state has own laws, which must not be in conflict with the Federal laws and the Constitution

Executive power

  • the head is President(Barack Obama) the most important function
  • Commander-in-chief of the armed forces
  • the head of the Government
  • vote in election by electoral college, which is vote by citizens

Legislative power

  • is represented by Congress, which consist of The House of Representatives and The Senate
  • The House of Representatives-Lower house
    -435 members from every state, number depends on population of state
    -The main function has speaker
    -majority has Republican party
  • The Senate-upper house
    -100 members
    -2 from every state
    -majority has Republican party

political parties

two biggest are Democratic party(on the middle and left, liberals) and Republican party(on the right, conservative)

Judiciary power-

Supreme Court of the United States – can abolish or ban law