The Czech Republic (4)


  • Small country
  • Situated in the heart of Europe
  • Known for its high beer consumption and low percentage of religious people



  • Located in central Europe
  • Often referred to as “bridge between west and east”
  • Borders with Slovakia, Austria, Poland and Germany
  • Comprised of three historical regions – Bohemia, Moravia and part of Silesia
  • The capital – Prague – located in country´s northwest


  • Many spots of natural beauty as well as areas destroyed by intensive mining
  • Landscape shows great variety
  • Most of the mountains run along the borders – Šumava, Krkonoše, Krušné Mountains
  • Bohemia and Moravia are separated by Bohemian-Moravian Highlands
  • Highest mountain – Sněžka
  • Fertile lowlands can be found mostly in valleys of big rivers – Vltava, Labe and in southern Moravia


  • Temperate, continental
  • Warm summers, cold winters
  • Temperature varies greatly depending on elevation
  • Bíly Potok – known to be the wettest area
  • Most rain falls during summer

Water Bodies

  • The biggest river – Elbe – flows to the North Sea
  • Vltava river – springs in Šumava, one of the tributaries of Elbe, there is a cascade of damns built on it
  • Many water reservoirs – Lipno – important center of recreation
  • Morava – drained mostly by river Morava and Oder river
  • Biggest lakes – in Šumava, Černé a Čertovo
  • Many ponds in southern Bohemia – Svět
  • Large number of mineral water springs in CZ =baths, important recreation spots

Natural Resources

  • Relatively few resources – heavily dependent on imported energy
  • Black and brown coal – biggest energy source – found near the cities Most and Ostrava
  • Also small deposits of uranium ore – used for power plants
  • Český Les – source of wood


  • One of the most stable post-Communist countries
  • Export – mostly to Germany, exports mostly machinery equipment
  • Although part of the EU – have not adopted Euro yet
  • Currency – Czech crown, consists of 100 haléř
  • Economy tightly connected with economy of Slovakia
  • Economy has expected to start growing in upcoming years


  • High percentage of arable land
  • Has been declining lately
  • Most important crops – grain
  • Grain – important for number of breweries in CZ
  • Brewing has long tradition – one of the oldest brands were invented here
  • CZ is also country with the highest beer consumption in the world
  • Other important crops – oilseeds, sugar beet, potatoes
  • BIO production has been very popular lately


  • Most important industry – car manufacturing
  • Škoda auto – founded by Laurin and Klement in 19th century, headquarters in Mladá Boleslav
  • Škoda transportation – trams, buses
  • Aero Vodochody – small planes manufacturing
  • Mining industry – mostly in eat Moravia, negative impact on environment
  • Foodstuff manufacturing – beer is the leading product
  • Beer companies – Pilsner Urquell (Plzeň), Staropramen Praha (Praha)
  • Liquors – Stock (Plzeň), Becherovka ( Karlovy Vary)
  • Ginger bread – Pardubice


  • Employ significant amount of people
  • Most tourist come to visit Prague

People, languages

  • Population of 10,5 million
  • Biggest city – Prague
  • Majority of people are Czechs, followed by Moravians and Slovaks
  • High migration – mostly from Ukraine, Vietnam, Russia (their minority has been growing lately)
  • Significant minority of Gypsies – cause problems
  • A lot of Americans are partly Czech descent
  • Big Czech minorities all over the world – At the turn of the 20th century, Chicago was the city with the third largest Czech population, after Prague and Vienna
  • One of the least religious countries in the world
  • Official language – Czech, related to Slovak and Polish



  • Capitol city
  • Population of 1,4 million
  • Situated on Vltava river
  • Founded more than 1000 years ago
  • Cultural and financial center
  • UNESCO Heritage site
  • Many popular tourist destinations such as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Petřín hill
  • Home of one oldest universities in the world – Charles University – founded in 1348
  • One of the most popular tourist destination in Europe


  • Largest Moravian city
  • Seat of the Constitutional Court
  • Administrative center of Moravia
  • Host motorbike races on Masaryk circuit every year
  • Sights – Špilberk Castle, Villa Tugendhat


  • Fourth biggest city in Czech Rep.
  • It is located at the confluence of four rivers – Úhlava, Úslava, Mže a Radbuza
  • Known worldwide for Pilsner beer – since 1295!

Hradec Králové

  • Musical instrument manufacturing – PETROF pianos
  • The University of Hradec Králové is located in the city – Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Pharmacy – most famous

České Budějovice

  • Largest city in south Bohemia
  • Beer brewing – Budweiser Budvar, major industry
  • Koh-I-Noor – stationery
  • Sights – Otakar II square, Black Tower

Places of interest

  • Karlovy Vary – spa city in west Bohemia
  • Český Krumlov – city in south Bohemia with wonderful historical center
  • Vineyards in southern Moravia, Lednicko-Valtický areál also there
  • Krkonoše mountains in the north

Bohemia Paradise – sandstone rocks