Hobby is a source of knowledge, education, experience and fun.  It´s also connected with customes and habits of every country. Many these aspects are and have been forgotten. We can see around us many kinds of culture. Lots of then are connected with being in society and on the other hand there are many types which you can do alone just at home or on other places.



Some people prefer watching movies in the cinema and I share this with other people. People like going to the cinema instead of watching TV because in the cinema is much stronger (silnější) experience. The quality of picture and sound is much higher.

Most films are produced by USA. In the Czech Republic we can watch it dubbed or with subtitles. There are many kinds of movies- for example criminals, thrillers, romantic films, films with social theme, comedies. The Czech movies are also popular for example Cosy Dens (pelíšky) or Cremator (spalovač mrtvol).  I prefer psychological and romantic films as The Great Gatsby, Schindler´s list or The Untouchables.  I hate horrors and thrillers.



The other possibility how we can spend cultural life is the theatre. It is more intensive experience than in the cinema. The relationship between actors and onlookers is very close (blízký). Every performance(představení) is original. This is the reason why some people visit one play three times or more. The atmosphere is different every time. Sometime onlookers are bored and sleepy and the other time they are excited (nadšeni). I like visiting the theatre but I don´t have time for it. It has really different atmosphere from films and that´s simply great.



When we say art it can have many different meanings (výnamy). One of them is painting or drawing. There are so many artists today that it can be difficult to have a good view of it. We can visit many exhibitions in galleries or there are also some open-air exhibitons, especially in summer. The other types of the art are sculpture and photography. Also in the Czech Republic we have a lot of interesting museums where we can visit exhibitions too. I love visit exhibitions because always I can see something new. The most I like Andy Warhol because his work are very original, for example I like his posters with Marilyn Monroe.



The most popular kind of culture is music. We know for example rock, metal, hip hop, folk or pop music. Young people prefer modern music which has many variations. Young people in last few years grow fond of (oblíbit si) Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga or One Direction. Older generation like singer or bands from 60,70,80 and 90 years as The Beatles, Michael Jackson, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Queen or Elvis Presley.  There are also people who like classical music. It is a great cultural experience to visit a concert of the classic music or generally(všeobecně) whatever(jakýkoliv) concert. I prefer singers as Taylor Swift, Duffy or Miley Cyrus because this type of music is very good for relaxing. And what I really hate is metal. I dislike it because this is very strange.


Type of cultural life dependent on how and where people live, because many people are influenced by their surroundings (svým okolím) . The Czech culture is quite different from the British one and absolutelly different from for example the American. I have in mind (mám na mysli) traditions , meals, behaviour of the society.