Character of my friend

Character Description

My friend

I met her for the first time in the fourth form. She didnt look very pretty. She had red wavy hair, she was wearing glasses and a brace and was a bit heavier than her classmates. All of this made her clumsy and shy. She was very sensitive about boys who laughed at her awkwardness. One time I stood up for her and that time on we have been friends.

Sinde that time her appearance has changed very much, but her character has remained the same. She has grown up into a beauty. She is medium height, slender and well-proportioned. Her hair has god darker into a chestnut shade. She wears it long to her shoulders, sometimes loose, sometimes done in a chignon. Her face has soft features, her freckles have disappeared, but her complexion remains pale as before. She has a small straight nose a rather wide mouth but her enchanting smile shows her straight white teeth and makes her face look really charming. No one could say her walk is clumsy any more.

Lucy has nice manners. She is sincere, but polite, tactful and helpful. She is nor easily angered, touchy or hot tempered. Experience from her childhood has taught her to be patient and not to show off. She has still remained a priorities and concerned. It is rather difficult for her to make new aquaintances. She is still a little suspicious and wary when people praise her. But she is warm-hearted, good-natured, tolerant and sensitive to other people´s shortcomings. She always tries to help when necessary and loves animals. These are the qualities of her character which I like her for.

At school she does fairly well. She is bright, attentive and keen to learn new things if she is interested. She tries hard to achieve good marks but sometimes her hobbies are more important for her than school. In this regard she lacks enough will to learn things which she does not much like. She manages to achieve A´s and B´s, though. She likes physical work and is not at all lazy. Unlike me, she always has her room neat and clean because she does not mind doing housework.

We spend quite a lot of time together. She understands my problems and I ca rely upon her. We go to the cinema to conterts or we go dancing. Sometimes we just stroll aroung town and talk about all sorts of things. Mostly we have the same of view of things and even if we argue we always find a compromise. Although she has her faults, nobody is perfect, I like her and i hope we shall stay friends in the future.