Sydney might not be the capital of Australia, but it is probably its best known city. It is the largest city in the country and the capital of the state of New South Wales and an important financial and cultural centre and busy harbour. Also we can say that it is most important city in south Pacific. It has 4,5 million inhabitants. Sydney has character of natural harbour with bay Port Jackson. Also we can find  the nature behind the city and it is really beautiful.


The area of Sydney had been inhabited by Aboriginal people before the British established their colony there in 1788..

Sydney was used as a penal  colony from 1788 until 1850. Life in the penal colony was brutal. The prisoners had to work hard.

In the 1850s a new wave of people arrived in the city-golden fever. They included the first Chinese immigrants, who opened small businesses in the city.

The city’s population grew in the 20th century and Sydney attracted people from all over the world. After the Second World War many immigrants from Europe found their new home in Sydney.

Immigrants from Eastern Europe.

In the 1970s this trend changed, with more people coming from Asia. So Sydney has very cosmopolitan character as NY.


In the  2000 spectacular Summer Olympic games, I use spectacular because same large as OG in China.

In 2003 World Rugby world cup

Nine rugby teams – rugby really popular

The Ashes series -cricket tournament between England and Australia

Also football – FC Sydney


University of Sydney – the oldest in Australia, based in 1850

The places of interest

The Sydney central business district-the city centre with skyscrapers and also with first historical buildings as city Town hall.

The Sydney opera house – opened in 1973, Designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, white colour, it looks like some shells or waves.

Harbour Bridge – gigantic steel bridge over the bay Port Jackson

Bondi Beach – well known beach in Sydney, thousands of people every year, the most visited place in Australia

Maroubra Beach – not so known as Bondi Beach but ideal for surfing