Science and technology

Science and Technology

From the beginning of human existency people wanted to simplify their lifes using tools, materials and various types of energy. It started with using stone as a weapon, domesticating animals, then inventing new tools – the most important was a wheel.

In 18th century was developed steam engine by James Watt. It replaced tradicional agrarian economy with manufactories, carts with cars, made the transportation faster, increased the number of made products.

Then the Industrial revolution started. From early 1880s the electricity was aviable for lifting, electric motors and also for electric bulbs invented by Thomas Alva Edison. During the revolution many other big inventions were made: a telefone to talk to people on the other side of the world, films (the first film was an arrival of the train), X-rays which are mostly used in medicine for rentgening.

The importace of science and technology has grown dramaticaly over the last century. It influences every aspekt of human lives: communication, health, transport, business, housework, transport etc. Technologies make our lives more comfortable, enjoyable, easy.

There are many fields of science, for example chemistry which studies elements, molecules and it´s properties. Physical laws and forces like magnetism, elektricity, gravity or heat studies physics. Biology deals with organisms, building blocks of lifes as DNA, cells, enzymes.

There are also inventions that are dangerous. Main of them are nuclear bombs and guns. But also many things that were meant to help just ruin our lifes. I think that the biggest problem is using social network. Those connect people all over the world but stop the real conversations face to face. Children sit one next to each other, but noone is talking. They are online with their friends. They also share too much personal information on their profiles. The second big problem which I see is that we are addicted to modern technologies. Imagine one day without electricity, without fridge or mixer, without your car. One would definitely be helpless.

In addition, modern technologies are harmful for natural environment. Gases from factories and cars causes the greenhouse effect. Petroleum in the sea from crashed boats kills most of organisms. Animals are dying because theit natural habitats are replaced with urban places.

There is also the question about robots and artificial inteligence. There are naturaly pros: robots can do repetitive work without getting bored or tired and they can work for long hours. They have rational behaviour, They solve problems without emotions, They do exactly what they are programmed to do. But as technologies are getting high, people are afraid of robots, because after all they can be as clever as us and learn to feel emotions, then fight for their rights. Otherwise they can rationaly think about people as a threat for earth and eradicate us.

To end with something positive, people nowadays try to protect natural environment, inventions are not that damaging that they used to be. Medicine also made a great useful progress in care, treatment and preventiv. Doctors use x-rays, magnetic resonance, They know many chemical substances that fight diseases.