The Wars of the Roses(coat of arms are roses) took place in the 15th century. It was a long civil war between the House of York (whose emblem was a white rose) and the House of Lancaster (whose emblem was a red rose). King Richard III. killed most of Lancasters, but finally he was defeated in battle of Bosworth by Henry Tudor, who was a relative with Lancasters.
So Henry Tudor founded royal Tudor Dynasty as king Henry the VII. He was good king and he had son Henry VIII

Henry the VIII.
-wars against France
-established Church of England and became a head of this Church, because he wanted to be divorced and Pope didn’t allow him to do it
-six wives (Catharine of Aragon-mother of Bloody Marry, Anna Boleyn-mother of Elisabeth the first, Jane Seymour-mother of Edward the VI., Anne of Cleves, Catharine Howard, Catherine Parr)
-in the end of his life he was fat
-Anne and Catharine Hoard were executed

Edward the VI.
-son of Jane Seymour and Henry, died in 16

Bloody Mary
-daughter of Catharine of Aragon and Henry
-many executions of protestants
-drink with vodka and tomato juice

Elisabeth I.
“golden age“
sister of Marry and Edward
-ruled for 50 years
-founding of colonies in New World (Francis Drake)
-victory against Spain – England became a major sea power
-no children, maybe some lovers (Drake??)
-after her death new king was James the VI. and it was beginning of House of Stuart as a England royal dynasty

Films about Elisabeth I. with Catte Blanchet, serial Tudors (little pornographic)