Australia (3)

* One of the most diverse (rozmanitý) country in the World

* Lies in the southeast hemosphere

* Australia has enormous (obrovský) mountains in the southeast – Australian Alp –place where you can skiing – with the highest place in Australia –  2 228 meters Mount Kosciuszko

* Two biggest cities on the southeast coast – Melbourne (4 mil) and Sydney (4,5mil)

* The Capital city is Canberra. Canberra is on halfway between Melbourne and Sydney

o Not interesting place – population about 350 000 people

* Aussie is divided into 6 states and 2 territories

* Australia has about 23 million people

* Australia always been part of the British Commonwealth

* Australia has a very similar political system like Great Britain or Czech government. Forexample it has both an upper and lower house of government.

* BUT! Australian elections are different because voting is compulsory for everyone over the age of 18 at very election. If you dont vote, you can be fined.

* Australian people have very free live, cause advantage of warm weather


o A Native inhabitants are Aboriginal

o On 18th 1788 eleven British ships arrived at Botany Bay (Sydney)

o Due to (=díky,kvůli) overcrowded prisons in Britain – the Fleet (flotila) was sent there in order (=nařídit) to create a penal colony (trestanecká kolonie)

o In 19 century came a lot of settlers from Britain a other countries and started with farming in Australia.

o In 1840, the transportation of convicts (trestanec) had stopped

o In 1850 started in Aussie gold rush. Australia has started be economical powerful country



* World-famous place of rock formation in the south coast.

* It’s part of Great ocean road, which connect surfer resorts in the south Aussie

* Twelve apostoles were wrote to UNESCO list

* Apostoles are high 60 meters.

o  Uluru / Ayers Rock is a large sandstone (pískovec) rock formation the Northern Territory in central Australia

* Uluru is 348 meters high

* Lies in Aboriginal area and Uluru is holy for them

* Near to Uluru you can find a lot of paintings


* Stretch (táhnout) along the east coast of Queensland

* Reef is under nature conservation (přírodní ochrana) of UNESCO

* Lies in Coral sea

* 2000 km on lenght and 150 km on width

* At the moment is reef in threat (hrozba) of red starfish