Czech republic

In the 7th century, the Frankish merchant Samo became the ruler of the first known Slavic state in Central Europe, which was partly situated in present-day Moravia. The importance of Moravia grew further, and in 833 Great Moravia was created. In  the end of the 9th century, the Czech state was unified by the Přemyslids[…]

Science and technology

Science and Technology From the beginning of human existency people wanted to simplify their lifes using tools, materials and various types of energy. It started with using stone as a weapon, domesticating animals, then inventing new tools – the most important was a wheel. In 18th century was developed steam engine by James Watt. It[…]

Customs and traditions

Many of festivals are connected with religion. In English speaking countries and in the czech republic there are most celebrated christian important days. Although not everyone is religion, they celebrate those days because it became a tradition. In the Czech Republic Easter The first Monday after the first spring full moon Easter commemorates the crucifixion[…]

George Orwell – Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a satirical novela (fable) set on Manor Farm, a typical English farm. The book reflects events leading up to and during the Stalin era before World War II. Orwel was critic of this regime. This farm is owned and operated by Mr. Jones. THE PLOT: Old Major, an old prize- winning boar,[…]

Consumer Society

I would like to start this topic with an official definition of consumerism. Consumerism is a social and economic order that encourages the purchase of goods and services in ever-greater amounts.  It is a term used to describe the effects of equating personal happiness with purchasing material possessions and consumption (spořeba).  Consumerism means purchasing goods[…]


Personality is every human in the world. Everyone is admired by someone else but some people are adored for a special reason. It may be for an emotional reason – when a child admires his parents and members of the family. Famous people are loved by their fans for wonderful performances or for their beauty.[…]

American school system

First time when little childrens visit a school is on ELEMENTARY SCHOOL * They stay in same room for the most of the day. There is only one teacher responsible for math, social studies and English * They have a break of about an hour in the middle of the day for lunch. * During[…]

Australia (3)

* One of the most diverse (rozmanitý) country in the World * Lies in the southeast hemosphere * Australia has enormous (obrovský) mountains in the southeast – Australian Alp –place where you can skiing – with the highest place in Australia –  2 228 meters Mount Kosciuszko * Two biggest cities on the southeast coast[…]

The British and American school system

  Introduction: The British, American and Czech educational systems are similar in dividing into basic schooling and higher education. But there are many differences in education in these countries. The American system: When American children finish nursery school and kindergarten, they start elementary school at the age of 6. Then they continue at a junior[…]