American school system

First time when little childrens visit a school is on ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

* They stay in same room for the most of the day. There is only one teacher responsible for math, social studies and English

* They have a break of about an hour in the middle of the day for lunch.

* During break, kids are playing together on the playground,before afternoon lessons

Next degree for student is MIDDLE SCHOOL – grades six to eight

* It’s first time, when will have class in different room with different teacher

* They have schedule is determined by their school.

* And the first time they have own private storage locker.


Next school for student is high school – starting grade from 9

* Student‘s begin attending high.

* There ís more freedom, but more responsibility and great deal of pressure  (daleko více stresu)

* They have core = main) subjects here like math, science, English and social studies ARE STILL MANDATORY (povinný)

* There is chance to get into some ELECTIVE class like ART, DRAMA, TECHNOLOGY and others.

* In this school will determinate whether (jestli) children get into college.

* Student have to be patient, because teachers(school) writes a REFERENCE (posudek)

* You can be in detention (PO ŠKOLE) or you have to write on table what did you do wrong

* They can do a lot of extracurricular (mimoškolní) activities – sport and clubs.

* They can be in some sport club in USA – Ragby, baseball

* One of the best high school in Britain is Eaton, where studied David Cameron. One year on Eaton costs 1 million. Other prestigious high school are Winchester or Rugby

* End of high school you have to pass exam GCSE in Britain and SAT in USA. In 16 y.o

* And higher exam is A-levels before College


The highest degree at al is of course COLLEGE or UNIVERSITY

* A few student, when they dont get to College they stay in six form college

* Most of students lives on CAMPUS in dorm (kolej) and students are responsible to choose

and attending their classes

* They do assignments (úlohy) without supervision (dohled)

* They have to take care on yourself

* In addiction (a ještě navíc), the start of college is the first that i can feel truly free.

* A lot of high school student apply to College, because it can be difficult to find a job without a DEGREE = titul

* College in USA are very expensive! Lot of parents have to save money since childrens born.