Prague (3)

Prague is the capital and the biggest city of the Czech Republic. Prague is the seat of the president, parliament, government and other highest state and political bodies of the Czech Republic. One of the most beautiful city in the world. In my opinion it is amazing city.

  • the financial a business centre of our country
  • 1milion people live there
  • a lot of foreigners from east Europe, Slovakia, Vietnam, Africa, west Europe
  • river Vltava flows through the city – bridges(Charles bridge, Bridge of legion, Štefanik’s bridge) and tunnels of underground
  • Prague main railway station, Florenc, Vaclav Havel airport, ships on Vltava
  • underground – three lines, buses, trams
  • Prague is independent region and consists of district (Prague 1,2,3…)
  • cultural centre of country – many theatres – famous National theatre and other theatres, film studios in Barrandow
  • Charles University – oldest university in middle Europe, Czech technical university, University of economics, Czech agricultural university
  • sport-O2 arena, tennis courts on Štvanice island, Eden, Letna
  • Sparta,Slavia-big rivals, Bohemia, Dukla
  • World hockey championschip
  • criminality, drug users, prostitution, homeless
  • night life, cheap beer attractive for the tourists, night clubs (Dlouhá street, Wenceslas square…)
  • by legends the city was founded by Přemysl and Libuše
    the medieval centre of the Europe in era of Charles IV.
    in era of Rudolf II. a lots of scientist and cultural centre of Europe
    after Rudolf’s death only provincial city in Austrian empire
    after 1st world war the capital city of Czechoslovakia
    large construction in second half of 20th century
    after 1993 the capital city of CZ


There are many interesting places:
The Prague castle – is a residence of the Czech dukes since 9th century. In the time of
Rudolf II the castle became a famous centre of science, arts and culture.
Famous sights in Prague Castle include: St. Vitus Cathedral, the Royal
Palace with the Vladislav Hall, the Spanish Hall.
Old Town Square – There is the Astronomical Clock, called Orloj, which strikes every 60
minutes and we can see 12 Apostles. Orloj is very admire by tourists.
Charles Bridge – was built in 14th century by the famous Gothic architect Petr Parléř. It is the
second oldest stone bridge in Central Europe. On both ends of the bridge
there are Gothic Bridge Towers. In the 18th century the bridge was decorated
by baroque statues. During the summer it is always full of tourists, souvenir
stalls and street artists.
Wenceslas Square – the centre of the city. It is about 750 m long. There is a statue of the
Czech patron – St. Wenceslas and it is a symbol of a free and independent

Many world-known personalities lived or spent some time in Prague: Charles IV.,Einstain, Havel, Masaryk, Kafka, Čapek, Rudolf II., Forman