The Czech Republic (4)

Intro Small country Situated in the heart of Europe Known for its high beer consumption and low percentage of religious people   Location Located in central Europe Often referred to as “bridge between west and east” Borders with Slovakia, Austria, Poland and Germany Comprised of three historical regions – Bohemia, Moravia and part of Silesia[…]

American and British holidays

UK Christmas – Christmas in the UK and in the USA have something common, but not all things. I will speak about British Christmas. British holidays are connected with Father Christmas (Guy who looks like Santa Claus), children hang Christmas socks on fireplace and they suppose some gifts from Father Christmas. 25th December – Christmas[…]

Prague (3)

Prague is the capital and the biggest city of the Czech Republic. Prague is the seat of the president, parliament, government and other highest state and political bodies of the Czech Republic. One of the most beautiful city in the world. In my opinion it is amazing city. the financial a business centre of our[…]

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe (19. ledna 1809 Boston  1849, Baltimore)was American writer, poet and literary critic, who lived in 19th century. He was born in the USA in 1809. His parents died when he was young so he was growing up in foster Allan Family in Richmond. So he had middle name from them. Allan family was rich and he had[…]

New Zealand

New Zealand It is small county in southern Pacific. The capital city is Wellington. It was explored by James Cook and NZ was British colony Surface and Climate NZ consists of two island – North Island and South Island. The surface of North Island varies by lowlands or by highlands. South Island is dominated by[…]

London (3)

the capital city of England and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland it lies on the river Thames in south England. London in one of the greatest and most important city in the world. It’s the seat of the Monarch, the Parliament, the Government, and the Supreme Court. It consist of 32[…]

Australia (2)

Australia is a state, which is surrounded by the Indian and  Pacific Ocean. It covers whole are of the smallest continent Australia. Australia is located in south-west from Asia. The capital city is Canberra. Explored by James Cook. Peninsula colony in history. Surface and Climate The biggest island Tasmania island. The highest peak is Kosciusko[…]

Canada (3)

is the 2nd largest country after Russia, it lies in the north of North America and it spreads between 2 oceans  Pacific and Atlantic. In the north is Arctic Ocean. It borders only with the USA. The capital city is Ottawa. Surface and climate Climate is mild, but only in the south, in the north[…]

The USA (2)

It s the fourth largest country in the world. The USA is situated in the North America. Neighbours are Canada and Mexico. The capital city is Washington D.C. Surface and climate The climate is varied. There is mostly temperate climate, but there are some extremes, for example in Alaska is arctic climate and in Florida[…]

The Global Problems of 21st Century

Terrorism -in my opinion world problem no.1 -beginnings in 20th century and attacks of Islamic terrorist on Israel-Munich(Můnik) 1972, hijackings or attacks on Embassies (mostly on US embassies), Chechen terrorists, communist terrorist in Germany -but after attacks in 11.9.2001 → War on Terror has lasted for 13 years and it hasn’t been over yet -NATO[…]