American and British holidays


  • Christmas – Christmas in the UK and in the USA have something common, but not all things. I will speak about British Christmas.
    British holidays are connected with Father Christmas (Guy who looks like Santa Claus), children hang Christmas socks on fireplace and they suppose some gifts from Father Christmas.
    25th December – Christmas Day – In the morning everybody opens presents and later at 12:00 o’clock they have turkey for lunch and they open Christmas Crackers.
    Boxing day– 26th December Gift giving between bosses and employers, or gift giving to the poor people.
  • Guy Fawkes Night-GF was guy, who tried to destroy British parliament by explosion, he wasn’t successful and he was executed.
    Today British his night in 5th November by public fireworks in the street.


  • The Independence day-4th July Celebration of declaration of independence in 1776. Barbeque, picnics, baseball and at night fireworks -the most popular American holiday.
    All week is free.
  • Thanksgiving Day – in the end of November.
    Meeting of family. Serving of Turkey and Pumpkin pie.
    Most popular matches of American football before Super bowl.
    Friday after Thanksgiving day – called Black Friday – shopping madness.
  • Memorial Day – last Monday in June memory on the fallen soldiers in American wars.
  • Patrick Day
    green, green beer, 17th March, cloverleaf, Leprechaun
    Irish communities but popular in hole world, specially on Northern Ireland or in Boston
  • Halloween 31st October
    Jack-o-lantern=pumpkin, costumes, trick or treat