New Zealand

New Zealand

It is small county in southern Pacific. The capital city is Wellington. It was explored by James Cook and NZ was British colony

Surface and Climate

  • NZ consists of two island – North Island and South Island.
  • The surface of North Island varies by lowlands or by highlands. South Island is dominated by mountains. The name of these mountains are Southern Alps. The highest peak is Mt. Cook
  • You can find there some volcanoes.
  • The climate is temperature.


  • More than 4 million inhabitants.
  • Most of them are white.
  • The rest of them are Maori and Asians.
  • The languages are English and Maori.
  • The biggest cities are Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.
  • New Zealanders are mostly Christians.

Political system and consist

  • It is constitutional monarchy. The formal head is Elisabeth II. She is represented by General Governor.
  • It consists of 16 regions.
  • The prime minister is John Key.
  • NZ is member of Commonwealth.


  • The national currency is New Zealand Dollar.
  • High developed country.
  • Sheep and beef breading = It is the highest exporter of beef, lamb, wool.
  • Fishing
  • Oil and gas production.


Rugby is really popular. All Blacks. Hakka dance.

The places of interest and information

  • Many national parks – Tongariro national park, Kiwi national park. beautiful and spectacular nature mostly mountains
  • The Lord of Rings was filmed in New Zealand
  • Maori – original culture and habits, they show them to the
  • Part time jobs for the younger’s.
  • The symbol is Kiwi.