The United Kingdom (2)

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


UK is island country in the Europe. It lies on British isles. The biggest islands are Great Britain and Ireland. There are also smaller islands such as Orkney islands, Shetland islands or Isle of man. Country is surrounded by many seas.
The England is dominated by lowlands, Scotland and Wales by highlands and mountains. The highest peak is Ben Nevis.
-The biggest river is river Themes.
-Lake district in North England and there are well known lakes.

It consists of 4 parts: England, Wales, Scotland and North Ireland.  So you can find 2 countries on Ireland: Great Britain and Republic of Ireland. The Area of Republic of Ireland on island is larger than area of UK. UK also has border with France by Channel Tunnel.

-64milions inhabitants
– Capital city London (8,5milions)
-cities Liverpool, Manchester, Cardif, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Stoke, Bradford, Birmingham
– immigrants from former colonies (India, Pakistan, Banglades…)
– the most of inhabitants white and christians
Political system
-member of G8, NATO, EU, UN
-parliamentary monarchy
-Elisabeth the 2nd
-legislative power The house of Deputies and The House of Lords
-executive power The Cabinet, the head of Cabinet is Prime minister
– UK the head country of Commenwelth ( organisation, in which is associated former colonies of British Empire)
-the most important part of Economy is services
-the most important part of services is banking
-in history the heavy industry is concentrated in central and north England (coal mining, metalurgy, engineering)
-nowadays  oil production and gas production(east coast of GB), light engineering
-traffic industry (Bentley, Airbus, RolsRoyce, Aston Martin, ships)
-the country is suitable for sheep breeding
-soil is fertile (in England)
Places of intrest
-London(The Tower, Buckingham, Hyde park), Oxford and Cambridge(universities), Edinburgh (castle), Stradford upon Avon (W.S.), York, Hadrian’s wall, Lake district, Highlands in Scotland

Football( PL), Rugby, Tennis (Wimbledon), Olympic games (3x), Rowing (Oxford x Cambr