The USA (2)

It s the fourth largest country in the world. The USA is situated in the North America. Neighbours are Canada and Mexico. The capital city is Washington D.C.

Surface and climate

  • The climate is varied. There is mostly temperate climate, but there are some extremes, for example in Alaska is arctic climate and in Florida and Hawai is tropical climate. The climate is influeced by the Atlantic ocean and the Pacific ocean. Also you can find some deserts in west.
  • There are many rivers, such as the biggest Mississippi and other like the Missouri, the Rio Grande, the Hudson or the Yukon, which is the biggest river in Alaska.
  • many lakes too, for example in the Great lakes area we can find lake Ontario, lake Michigan, lake Huron, lake Erie, lake Superior
     popular for fishing and water sports.
    Salt lake.
  • East and south of the USA are dominated by lowlands, we call them the Great plains in the east and south. The largest lowland is Mississippi basin.
  • It he east are also the  Appalachian mountains and in the west there are the Rocky mountains, which are part of Cordilleras.
  • Many plants are grown here like corn, cotton or tabacco.
  • There we can see many national parks for example Yellowstone NP, Sequoia NP or Everglades NP.


The population is more than 300 million people. There are a lot of languages, main is English, other are Spanish, Indian languages and languages of immigrants. Americans are mostly white, the children of colonists and immigrants from Europe, but there are  millions ethnic groups such as African- Americans-descendants of slaves, Hispanics, the original inhabitants are Native-Americans and immigrants from Asia. So we can say multi cultural state.


It is very rich country. The most important branches are services and hi-technologies, which are concentrated in California in Silicon Valley. The symbol of services is banks, especially in Wall Street. Also in the USA is heavy industry, which is concentrated around the lakes (car industry in Detroit (GM,Ford,Chrysler) and engineering in Pittsburgh and Chicago), aircraft industry in Seattle, Chicago and in Houston, arms industry


The USA is a member of international organizations such as NATO or UN. The USA is a federation of 50 states and the District of Columbia. National. The head of country is president, nowadays Obama. The legislative power is represented by the Congress. It consist of 2 houses: the House of Representatives and the Senate. Stale like Texas(biggest state), Pennsylvania(one of the oldest states), Nevada(state of hazard), Florida(state of seniors), Kansas (state of agrocultural)


Well known cities Washington, NY, LA, Chicago, SF, Philadelphia, Boston, Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, New Orleans.

Sports and tradition

Independence day in 4th July(fireworks and parties) and Thanksgiving day(turkey, American football)

American football(NFL,the Super bowl),Baseball(MBL,World series), NBA, NHL, Nascar, Rodeo.

The highest popularity has NFL with Super Bowl and second is MBL (depends on area Boston/SF/NY)


Harvard University, Yale University, University of Columbia, Princeton University