The book is called White fang because the titular character is White Fang. The story is about wolf-dog, who lives with people. It is a novel by American author Jack London. He was an author, journalist, and social activist. His book White fang is one of the best books. In the first place he wrote short stories and later he wrote novels. The reason why I choosed this book is that I like dogs and story about dogs.

The single main character is doubtless wolf-dog. His name is White Fang. He is three-quarters wolf, and one-quarter dog. He was born in the pack of wolfs. Grey Beaver domesticated him and he is more as dog. He grew up wild and unloved. After he is bought by Beauty Smith, he became a fighting dog. In the end Weedon Scott bought him and White fang loved him. He saved Judge Scott’s life.Then he was loving and friendly dog. Finally he had 6 pups with Collie.

The story takes a place at the end of the 19th century. This period was influenced by the Klondike Gold Rush in Yukon, Canada. Author maybe wanted to describe experiences from the enviroment, where he lived in Canada.

The story covered White fang´s whole life. It focused to description of his adventures after he was bought by different people. The author wrote about dogs in his first novel The Call of the Wild, too. But in the book White fang he concentrated to details a wild wolf journey to domestication. Jack London decided to publish it first serialized in Outing magazine. It was published in 1906. From my point of view are initial periods of White fang´s life too dangerous and drastic.

It seems to me that a clomax of this story is, when Judge Scott bought White fang and he learned him that some people are good and kind. He saved Judge Scott’s life and estabilished him his love and faithfulness.

This story is very exiciting and interesting. I think the plot of this book is a little bit realistic definitely. Look at the fighting dog, in the real life it becomes too. But I think that normally people can not domesticate wolfs. Every time, I was thinking that the White fang is safe, some new adventure has appeared and I was afraid again. I was so happy that the book had a happy ending.

In my opinion White fang was very clever and lovely dog. When he was with evil people, he was dangerous wolf. But when Judge Scott showed him love, White fang was a true friend and he never betrayd Scott. Maybe Jack London wanted to show us a true love forever.